Topic: Capture mode basics

Advanced Options for Captures

This article will walk you through the options available in the Advanced Options section of the capture dialog box.

PDF Page Overlap

On Page Vault captures, a portion of the prior captured page shows on the following page. This allows you to visually confirm that the capture did not skip, cut off, or omit a portion of the page’s content. 

The PDF Page Overlap setting allows you to control how much of the prior page, in pixels, shows on the following page. The default setting is 175 pixels; an image below illustrates that size for your screen.

Screenshot Resize View

Screenshot Resize will resize your Page Vault Browser window to optimize the look of your capture output. This setting is checked by default; you will only need to uncheck this box if instructed to do so by Page Vault Support. 

Header on First Page Only

On many websites, the header and/or navigation menu floats at the top of the page as you scroll down. If you would like to only see the header on the first page of the capture and not as you float down, select this option. 

Delay between Screenshots 

Depending on how a website’s code is written, the order of how a page renders as you scroll down could result in a temporary view that is not what the page will look like in another moment once it has finished loading. If you are running into rendering issues on your capture, try increasing the delay between screenshots—it will give the server additional time to correctly render the page before capturing and scrolling down to the next frame.

Select Scroll Box to Capture

Sometimes web pages use a separate container to load content, like the comments on a photo on social media, that scroll independently of the scrolling on the page. To scroll these other elements with the Scrolling Capture, you will need to use “Select Scroll Box to Capture”.

To change the scrolling option to a container other than the main page, select the desired container in the “Select Scroll Box to Capture” area. When your mouse hovers over the container name, you will see it highlighted in the browser behind the dialog box (move the dialog box to cover less of the page if you can’t see it). 

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