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Page Vault Browser Troubleshooting

Page Vault Launcher Login Issues

I'm having issues logging into the Launcher.

First, try logging out of the Launcher, then log back in.

Note: This is option is only available on the PC version

  1. To log out of the Launcher, click on your Logged in name (here, Training Profile):
  2. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to log out
  3. Once you have logged out, you can click “Launch Capture Mode” again to log in with new credentials.

If you still have issues, or are on a Mac

  1. Log out of the Page Vault Portal and the Launcher (see above or this article for instructions to log out of the Launcher)
  2. Go to and click "Forgot Password?". Enter your email, and then follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.
  3. After resetting your password, log in to the Portal. It is important that you do this first, before you log in to the Launcher.
  4. Once you've logged into the Portal, you can log into the Launcher/Browser again.
If you continue to encounter issues, please contact our support team.

I get a second request from Windows Security to enter my credentials. Is this a problem?

Sometimes the Windows Remote client that we use to access the Page Vault servers asks for a second validation of credentials. This is simply an additional security feature, and not an indication that something is wrong. Simply re-enter your username and password to continue logging in.

If you are still having issues, we recommend logging out of the Page Vault Launcher. See our instructions above, or see our page on it here.

Page Vault Browser Issues

My browser keeps crashing. Why?

All browsers have limits on how much content they can load at once. If the user posts very frequently, there simply may be too much content to load at one time in the browser.

If you are encountering issues on Facebook in particular, we have a few techniques to load less content in the browser at a time. See our article on Facebook Troubleshooting for more information. 

My browser timed out. What’s going on?

To keep your account secure, the Page Vault Browser will log out after one hour of inactivity. Activity is either from you actively viewing web pages, or from the Browser performing Scroll or Expand activities. If you’ve left Page Vault running on a large capture—like a long Facebook profile—for more than an hour, it will not time out while it is running.

One thing to check on is if you left Expand/Scroll running in the background and it completed, but you did not check on the capture. Once the Expand/Scroll completes, the hour timer would start again. 

On Facebook, you can now opt to make the collection after expanding, eliminating the need to check whether it’s done expanding. (This feature will also be available for Instagram in the near future.) Simply select “save after Expanding” in the Expand dialog box.

My browser appears to be frozen. Help!

If your browser freezes, the best thing to do is close the program. 

On a PC

Right-click on the orange Page Vault icon on your taskbar and select “Close Window”—this should close the program. 

Alternatively, you can open up your task manager by right clicking on the task bar and selecting “Task Manager,” or using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+DELETE. In the Task Manager, select the Remote Desktop Connection and then click End Task. 

After the program is closed you should be able to relaunch and connect again.

On a Mac

While hovering over the Remote Desktop icon in your dock, hold down the control key and click with your mouse. Select “Quit.”

Alternatively, you can use the Force Quit function by using the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-Esc. Select Remote Desktop Connection and click to force quit.

After the program is closed you should be able to relaunch and connect again.

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