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Capturing Facebook Post-by-Post

Note: This feature is in beta and not available by default. Please contact Page Vault support to have this feature turned on.

Why Post-by-Post

All browsers—including the Page Vault Browser—have memory limits on how much content they can load at once. With Facebook timelines, if the user posts very frequently, there simply may be too much content to load at one time in the browser. This has become an even greater problem with New Facebook (the latest version deployed in late 2020), as the new design is significantly more data-heavy.

Facebook previously had native functionality to jump to specific time periods on an individual's timeline. Unfortunately, Facebook has removed these features entirely with the rollout of New Facebook.

To address these issues, we have developed a new feature to capture the timeline by making captures of each individual post, which we call Post-by-Post.

How Post-by-Post Works

The post-by-post feature works by:

  1. Scraping the timeline for links to each individual post (either the full timeline or a discrete time frame)
  2. Capturing each individual post, input at a list of post URLs from the scrape

The video below walks you through the interface and our recommended best practices for capturing a full profile.

How to capture Facebook using Post-by-Post

Quick training on post-by-post captures

How to remove PDF cover pages

Full tutorial of post-by-post captures

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