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Facebook video captures in Batch

This feature is only available for accounts with the Batch add-on.
If your firm has Batch but you do not see a link in your Portal, contact Page Vault Support to turn Batch on for your user name. If your firm does not have the Batch add-on and you are interested in getting it, please contact our sales team.

Requirements for video captures in Batch

A few things to keep in mind when making Facebook video captures in Batch:

  • The video must be publicly viewable (see below)
  • For any submitted URL, only one video will be captured. If there are multiple videos on a page—such as the video page of a person’s profile—find the source URL for each video and enter each URL into Batch.
  • The URL must be complete, including the http:// and any subdomains that appear in the URL bar in your browser for the website. We recommend copying the URLs directly from your browser.

To check if the video is public

Public Facebook videos will have a globe next to the publish date:

If you want to double check the viewability, you can test the URL in the private mode of your standard browser (Incognito in Chrome; InPrivate in Edge. Page Vault Browser does not have a private mode).

  1. Open a new private mode browser tab and enter the URL of the Facebook video you wish to capture. 
  2. If you can see the video on the page, Batch should be able to capture the video. If you are asked to log in to see the video, Batch cannot capture the video.

To find the source URL

  1. Right-click on the video
  2. Chose ‘Copy video URL’
  3. Paste the URL directly into Batch

Capturing Facebook Videos in Batch

  1. Once you have the video URL, open Batch, or click on "New Job Request" in the top navigation bar and select “Video”
  2. Fill in all the information in the top section (folder, job name, optional case matter ID).
  3. Paste in your Facebook video URL(s). Please note:
    • One URL per line
    • Include the http:// or https:// in the URL (for further explanation, please see "Capture Requirements" above)
    • Each batch job is limited to 100 URLs. Please split larger URL groups into smaller Batch jobs.
    • Your account may have up to 5 job requests that are not "done processing" at one time.
  4. Click “Start Batch Capture” to submit the job.

    If there are any unsupported URLs in your list, you will receive an error notice and the job will not submit. Make any changes suggested in the error notice and click “Start Batch Capture” again to submit.

    The status of your Batch job can be tracked in the Job History section, and the captures will appear in the selected folder in your Portal.

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