Topic: Viewing and downloading capures

How to Generate a Load File

All multi-capture downloads include a load file for your eDiscovery system, a summary file of the captures included, and a .csv file with metadata for each capture.
  1. From the folder summary view, click on the folder that contains your capture. You will see a thumbnail and summary of each capture. 
  2. You have two options to select captures:
    1. To manually select individual captures, click on the checkboxes next to the preview
    2. To select all the captures displayed, click on the “Select # of #” button.
      When the folder loads, it will initially load previews of the first 20 captures. If you click on the checkmark to select all, it will only select the captures that are loaded. If you want to select more captures, scroll down past the first 20 to load additional captures. The number of captures displayed will update in the status bar—keep scrolling until you can see  as many as you want to be able to select, and then click the “Select # of #” button.
    3. Once you have your captures selected, click on Export Files. A confirmation message will appear. Confirm the email address to send the captures to, or change it to a different address if you want to send it to a colleague. Then click “Request Download” to initiate the bulk download. You will receive an email right away letting you know that the request was received.
      The time to generate the request will depend on the size of the captures and the number of captures included. If your request is quite large, it can take several hours to generate.
    4. Once the files are generated, you can download the zip file that contains the captures and the load file:
      1. Via a second email that is sent when the zip file is complete
      2. In the Portal, via the notifications area (the bell in the menu bar). The bell in the menu bar will turn red when the zip file has been generated—you can click on that to go to the notifications area and download from there.

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