Topic: Capture mode basics

Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL + O: Open the ‘Capture’ dialog box (the same as clicking the ‘Capture’ button)

CTRL + D: Scroll to the bottom

  • Note: this will scroll the main screen, so if you have a Facebook or Instagram overlay, it will scroll the background

CTRL + E: Scroll to the bottom and expand all comments (Facebook only)

CTRL + S: Will make a capture with the last settings used in the capture dialog box

  • A capture must have been made in the current session for CTRL + S to be available
  • The shortcut works when you do not have the Capture dialog box open; if you click on CTRL + O and then try CTRL + S, it will not capture

CTRL + J: Take a single screen shot (not scrolling)

CTRL + K: Facebook photo scrolling capture (only when viewing a single FB photo; be sure to expand and scroll the FB photo comments first)

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