Topic: Managing folders and captures

Managing captures in Portal

Move a capture

  1. Select the folder containing the capture you want to move so that you can see it in the folder contents view (you cannot move captures from the capture details page).
  2. Click and hold the capture thumbnail and drag it to the new folder location in the left side folder menu, or to a subfolder showing in the folder contents view. You will see as you hover over the folder that the folder becomes highlighted.
  3. When you release the mouse click, the capture is moved out of the original location and moved into the folder that was highlighted when you let go.

Rename a capture

From the Folder Contents view

Select the containing folder of the capture you want to rename. In the folder contents viewing pane, locate your capture and click on the pen and paper icon next to the capture name to edit.

From the Capture Detail view

If you’re looking at the capture in the Capture Detail page, you can rename it right here. Click on the pen and paper icon next to the capture name to edit.

Deleting captures

  1. To delete a capture, navigate to its containing folder. In the folder contents area, click on the checkbox next to the folder
  2. Click “Delete Selected” from the folder contents view menu bar.
  3. A confirmation notice will appear to confirm that you want to delete the folder. Click “Yes, delete it” to confirm.
You will not be able to recover the selected captures! Page Vault also can not provide an affidavit for a capture that has been deleted from your portal. Please be sure you are completely ready to delete the capture before doing so.

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