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Status of Facebook Capabilities (Updated Oct 28, 2020)

Status as of October 28, 2020

Facebook has announced that it will be converting all users over to its new layout—called New Facebook—starting in September 2020. This page summarizes the impacts this is having on Facebook captures with Page Vault and our current options for making Facebook captures.

Known issue 1: Page Vault Expander in New Facebook (UPDATED OCT 19)

Data limitations: While Expander now works with New Facebook, the new layout requires significantly more data and therefore tends to hang the browser on long profiles. If you have trouble capturing Facebook, please see our guidance below to operate Facebook in Classic mode and the update on Timeline breakdown methods. 

Known issue 2: Timeline Breakdown Methods in both New and Classic Facebook (UPDATED OCT 28)

In the past, we have advised clients on how to use some of Facebook's hidden functionality for jumping to specific time periods on an individual's timeline. Unfortunately, Facebook has removed these options entirely with the rollout of New Facebook. Specifically:

  • Date Range Method: This functionality has been removed entirely from Facebook.
  • Navigation Bar Method: This functionality continues to work in Classic Facebook, but is not available in the New Facebook layout.

Page Vault is testing a solution for timeline breakdown that is currently in alpha testing and is anticipated for wider beta release by early November. 

In the meantime, if your profile can still access Facebook in Classic mode we recommend switching over to Classic, which will give you the ability to use the navigation bar method of jumping to dates.

Please see below for more information.

Suggested Workaround: Switch to Classic Facebook

If you are experiencing issues with New Facebook, we suggest changing over to use Classic Facebook.

Facebook is rolling out New Facebook in an uneven fashion, with some only able to use New Facebook and some unable to use it at all. The instructions below address the three known statuses and how to address issues. 

1. If your account is on Classic Facebook...

If you have not been switched to New Facebook, Page Vault should work normally for you. If you need to break down a timeline into smaller time periods due to browser memory limits, the only option currently available is the Navigation Bar Method outlined here

2. If you have the option to switch back to Classic Facebook...

If your account has the option, we recommend using Facebook's interface to switch to Classic Facebook mode. 

To switch to Classic Facebook: in the upper right hand corner of the screen, click the down arrow to show menu options (see image below) and select "Switch to Classic Facebook." If you do not have this option available to you, see below for Page Vault's feature to use Classic Facebook.

3. If you can't switch back to Classic from within Facebook... Page Vault can help (updated Oct 20)

If you do not have the option to switch to Classic Facbeook from your Facebook profile and you need to capture a profile that is too large to load in the browser, please reach out to our On Demand team for a quote to have us work on capturing the profile.

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