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Status of Facebook Capabilities (Updated Dec 31, 2020)

Status as of December 31, 2020

In 2020 Facebook converted all users over to its new layout, called New Facebook. This page summarizes the impacts this is having on Facebook captures with Page Vault and our current options for making Facebook captures.

Page Vault Expander in New Facebook

The Expand button functionality (aka Expander) works with New Facebook.

If the timeline is very long and Expander is not able to capture an entire profile, please see below for updates on Timeline Breakdown Methods. 

Timeline Breakdown Methods in New Facebook

In the past, we have advised clients on how to use some of Facebook's hidden functionality for jumping to specific time periods on an individual's timeline. Unfortunately, Facebook has removed these options entirely with the rollout of New Facebook. To address this issue, Page Vault is developing new tools to allow clients to break down long Facebook timelines.

Solution 1: Post-by-Post Beta Test Cohort

Page Vault has developed a solution for timeline breakdowns that is currently in beta testing and can be activated for a client upon request.

If you would like to have access to the Post-by-Post beta, please contact our support team to be trained and have the feature enabled on your account. We expect to roll this solution out to all clients in late January or early February 2021.

Solution 2: Use Page Vault On Demand

If you do not want to be part of our beta testing, our On Demand team can help. Please fill out our On Demand Services form and our team will send a quote to have us capture the profile for you.

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