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Remove Cover Page from Captures

If you do not wish to have a metadata cover page generated on your PDFs, you can toggle them off or on from your Portal.



Cover pages generate after a capture is complete

Metadata cover pages generate as soon as a capture is completed in our system. If you turn off the cover page while captures are in process—either in the browser or in Page Vault Batch—the cover page will not generate on the currently-processing capture. 

This also means that once a capture is complete, we cannot remove the cover page from the completed capture—that would have to be done manually after you download the capture. 

The feature persists on all captures until you turn cover pages back on

PDF cover pages are not tied to a particular login session of the browser or the portal—it will persist even after you log out until you turn it back on in the Portal.


How to turn off cover page generation for captures

This video walks through how to set Page Vault to remove cover pages from your captures. Written instructions are also below.

Step by step instructions

  1. Log in to your Portal account either through the Page Vault Launcher or by navigating to in your normal (non-Page Vault) web browser.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, hover over your name and select Profile from the drop-down menu
  3. On the Profile page, go to the left-hand menu, and select “App Settings”
  4. Click on “No PDF metadata cover page on all captures”—the checkmark should be blue if you want coverpages off.
    TK NOTE: Metadata cover pages are generated as soon as a capture is completed in our system, not later when they are downloaded or exported. If you turn on/off the cover page settings while captures are in process—either in Page Vault Browser or in Page Vault Batch— this can impact the currently-processing captures. (A capture is fully completed once it is visible in your PV Portal and the PDF is available for download. Only at this point is the capture PDF finalized, will toggling the cover page permissions will not impact the result.)
  5. Click “Save App Settings” to confirm. You MUST click save for the setting to be applied!

    Note:To check if you have saved it, hit refresh on the App Settings page (or navigate away from it and then navigate back to it). If the checkmark is blue then it has saved and the cover pages are turned off.
  6. Now when you make captures with Page Vault, in any of our systems, the metadata cover page will not generate. Summary metadata will continue to appear at the bottom of each page of the capture.
  7. If you would like to turn the cover pages back on, repeat steps 1-5 but unselect the “No PDF metadata cover page” option and click save.

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