Topic: Viewing and downloading capures

How to View Your Captures

View a preview in the Page Vault Browser

If you want to see a preview of your most recent captures, you can view a thumbnail directly in the Page Vault Browser (Capture Mode). Click on the "Review" button in the Page Vault menu bar—a ribbon with a chronoloical listing of your recent captures is listed. Click 'Hide' to collapse the previews.

View full captures in the Page Vault Portal

Note that you cannot access your Portal from within the Page Vault Browser (Capture Mode)—you must use a regular web browser.

There are two ways to access the portal: from the Page Vault Launcher, or directly in your default (non-Page Vault) browser.

Access the Portal from the Launcher

Note: this is for the PC version only. The Launcher on Mac directly launches the Browser (capture mode). Use the "In a Web Browser" method on Macs.

When you open the Page Vault launcher from your desktop, there are two options: Launch Capture Mode and Launch Portal Viewer. Select ‘Launch Portal Viewer’.

This will launch your default website browser. If you are not automatically logged in, enter the same credentials that you use to access Capture Mode.

Access the Portal directly in a web browser

Note that you cannot access your Portal from within the Page Vault Browser (Capture Mode)—you must use a regular web browser.

In order to access the Portal directly, navigate to Log in with the same credentials you use to access Capture Mode. 

View an individual capture

In the Portal, you’ll see your folder structure displayed on the left hand side. Select the folder you’d like to view, and a summary of the folders and captures contained in that folder will load with a summary of the capture’s basic metadata to the right. 

You can also click “download” next to an individual capture to download just that capture in PDF. If you need a load file or to download multiple files, see the article on downloading captures.

To see a full preview of a single capture, click on the thumbnail of the capture—that will take you to the Capture Detail page. On the Capture Detail page, you can scroll down to view a rendering of the capture. From this page, you can also edit the notes associated with the capture.

Information shown on the Capture Detail page

  • Document title: The title provided by the website in the “Title” portion of the code. This typically shows up as the title you see on the tab name in a browser
  • Capture name: The name of the capture entered in capture mode. If you do not enter a custom name, it defaults to the website main URL plus the date and time.
  • Capture URL
  • Captured site IP
  • Page loaded at (UTC): time the page loaded (in case there is a lag between load and capture)
  • Capture timestamp (UTC): time the page was captured
  • Capture tool: The version of Page Vault Browser used for the capture
  • Page Vault server IP
  • Browser engine: Details of the Page Vault technology stack used
  • Operating system: Details of the Page Vault OS
  • User: the account used to make the capture
  • Notes: Any notes entered at capture or made after the capture. Notes do NOT appear on the PDF capture itself, they are only viewable in the Portal for your internal use.
  • Number of pages in the capture: This displays at the top of the full capture preview.

Page Overlap

One thing you may notice is that a portion of the prior page repeats at the top of the following page of the capture. By default, Page Vault Browser repeats 175 pixels from the prior page to allow you to verify that all of the content on the page have been collected.

If you want to change the amount of overlap produced, see our article on Advanced Options.

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